“We’re packed at weekends but what about the weak days?”

We can automate messaging at the touch of a button to drive footfall at the times you are currently quiet. Through our multi-platform offerings you can target new, existing and old customers all within GDPR guidelines!

The problem

The Problem: The business had weak days where trade was low on a Monday through to Wednesday. We needed to drive footfall using technology aiming to increase footfall and drive up revenue.

The Solution

Through the gathering of data on customers in an ethical manner we have been able to specifically target customers that have been in the restaurants at our quieter times. Being able to target guests with relevant offers to entice them back paid dividends. This piece of work is all about knowing your customer. With the Zinc approach to IT within hospitality we know your customers and know how to target them at the right time with the right message.
We understand the language of your customers as we are your customer! Through the use of quality CRM systems and automated messaging platforms we can bring the Footfall!

The Result

Sales up, 32% increase on footfall at quieter times with offers micro targeted to entice the existing following back.