“The waiter had no idea the customer was waiting.”

Improve the speed and efficiency of your waiter service with our tailored EPOS systems.

The problem

Our servers are run off their feet with the old methods of paper based ordering. With access to the worlds best EPOS systems we can help with an informed decision on what system would be right for your business. We have worked along side the leading edge providers to establish the best relationships enabling you to leverage the best deals for you business on automated EPOS allowing incredible levels of structure for your staff through the use of technology at the table.

Moving from a paper based system to a tablet operated ordering system was a daunting thought. Why would we do that? The system we already uses works? There is a huge investment to get us working this way

The Solution

As we looked at the need for a new EPOS system the requirement was to enable quicker reporting, Quicker ordering for busy service and an efficient level of communication from front to back of house to allow for super quick service.
On a Saturday night who wants to turn guests away as service has slowed down due to the constraints of a manual system. We can offer a simple tablet to print solution or full blown tablet to digital ticketing in the kitchen to pay at table solutions which can speed up the process.

The Result

The service teams become super efficient having to move less around the restaurant enabling the team to focus on customer service and rapport, ticketing to back of house is real time, tale turn is quicker and the overall guest experience is improved ten fold!