“The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.”

Zinc have the tool sets to deploy which  will enable your front of house, back of house and HQ functions to collaborate seamlessly creating the most harmonious ways of working throughout your business.

The problem

We had a team of geographically displaced operational staff who needed a solid platform to allow them to communicate and collaborate whilst reducing time on the road to attend meetings. Further to this we had a whole host of workstreams that needed multiple inputs from multiple staff.

The Solution

Zinc implemented two office 365 platforms, Teams and SharePoint. As part of the existing agreements in place we leveraged the two additional platforms at zero cost and created an environment of pure collaboration.

The Result

Road trips were reduced by 80% removing unnecessary travel using online video conference. Group P&Ls, where multiple input was required, were able to be achieved on the fly by all contributors. All shared documents were available in an always on always secure environment providing the relevant levels of access to each contributor. This also created an environment that could be shared in a secure manner to anybody outside of the business working on specific projects. Team messaging platforms were instantly available increasing the chat between our teams across the board creating that joined up approach that makes a business thrive!