Methodical about medical solutions.

Methodical about medical solutions.

About Zinc

20 years of healthcare experience not just in tech.

Zinc started out working on the IT support desk for Astra Zeneca over 20 years ago. Providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd level IT support for the AZ tech estate over a number of years. Couple this with the years of experience and knowledge gained running global conference and events, specifically for Med Comms, over many years, we know what is required to successfully manage your tech requirements! We understand the needs of the healthcare industry and can work with you to build robust, scalable, highly secure and always on solutions to help you keep ahead of the game.

Our Experience

Areas of expertise.

Data Centre Solutions

Zinc operate a highly secure, high availability data centre solution, specifically for the provision of web based services for the healthcare industry. If you need your data storing somewhere safe then we have your back.


Zinc offer best of breed infrastructure solutions with a wealth of knowledge around what you need as healthcare and medical communications providers. We can work with you to ensure all of your infrastructure is safe, secure and highly effective.

Cyber Security

We currently provide the highest levels of cyber security and testing solutions providing advanced penetration testing to help businesses assess and strengthen their IT Security Posture. Our consultants think like hackers and act like professionals filling the gaps that you are simply not aware  of.

Single Issue Solutions

A-la-Carte Zinc

Bite-size single solution fixes for specific technical problems available on a piece meal basis.


Zinc Critique Report

We can fully audit and asses your tech and marketing estate giving you a detailed report of what your tech and marketing could do to accelerate your business and drive revenue through implementing the Zinc approach. This will build you a fully costed road map and give you the instruction on how to succeed!

Complete Tech + Marketing

Full Spread Zinc

The complete tech service from start to finish. Catering to businesses looking to go from zero to hero with their tech and on-going management.

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