About Zinc

20 years of IT knowledge.

Our approach starts with understanding your business and your tech estate, then developing technical solutions that will help grow your business and cut costs. Working as your IT department we will take the technical strain away ensuring you can focus on your core business and your customers. The solutions we can help you to create will be the driving force and give you the leading edge between you and your competitors.
Our modular approach to IT ensures you can take as much or as little of our offering as you need. The Zinc IT platform is the blueprint for technical success.

Our Experience

Areas of expertise.

Infrastructure, Systems and Services

Zinc have consistently designed, built and maintained highly complex IT estates for multiple sectors. Honing our skills within the hospitality arena we can provide you with all levels of tech. from simple networks to fully integrated managed services joining your departments up to allow for seamless operation through leading edge technology.

In Store Data Analytics

Zinc partner with the best of breed hardware providers and leading-edge data analytic platforms which enables you to understand real life behaviour of your guests both on and off premises. Understanding your customers behaviour through quality data analytics will help you stay ahead of the curve and provide the bespoke offerings that your customers expect and deserve!

Customer Marketing

When it comes to loyalty and marketing Zinc have got your back! We provide fully integrated customer apps and have a head for driving user satisfaction through concidered marketing processes.

Single Issue Solutions

A-la-Carte Zinc

Bite-size single solution fixes for specific technical problems available on a piece meal basis.


Zinc Critique Report

We can fully audit and asses your tech and marketing estate giving you a detailed report of what your tech and marketing could do to accelerate your business and drive revenue through implementing the Zinc approach. This will build you a fully costed road map and give you the instruction on how to succeed!

Complete Tech + Marketing

Full Spread Zinc

The complete tech service from start to finish. Catering to businesses looking to go from zero to hero with their tech and on-going management.

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